Pueblo of Zuni
 Zuni MainStreet
 Trail of the Ancients
New Mexico Department of Tourism
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Center: learn more about A:shiwi/Zuni culture at the community's own museum, featuring an exhibit on the ancestral village of Hawikku.
  • Zuni Artist Workshop Tour: gain exclusive access to some of Zuni's finest artists and learn about traditional Zuni arts from an expert.
  • Archaeological tours: explore the ancestral village of Hawikku (place of first European contact in the Southwest) and Village of the Great Kivas (a Chacoan outlier with nearby rock art) with a knowledgeable guide.
  • Picnicing, hiking, fishing: spend quality time at various outdoor locations; ask Visitor Center staff for details and where to purchase fishing permits.
  • Local Zuni Artists: support Zuni artists directly by shopping at these businesses: Ancient Way Arts Trail (Zuni Sites), Galeria Poblano, Silver Rain Gallery/DY Jewelry, Creative Hands Pottery, Zuni Craftsman’s Cooperative.
  • Trading Posts: visit any of our five local trading posts to discover the best of Zuni arts, learn about the raw materials that go to create arts, support local artists through your purchases.
  • Zuni Pueblo Bread: buy fresh baked traditional breads and see breads being made at B & L Paywa Bakery – Wednesday through Fridays only.
  • Photography: inquire about guidelines and purchase Photo Permits at the Visitor Center; a Photo Permit is required for all photography on the Reservation; remember to ask permission before photographing people, AND NEVER PHOTOGRAPH ANY RELIGIOUS OR CULTURAL ACTIVITitations
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