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Zunis are known worldwide as superior artists and craftspeople. Precious metals, stones, and natural materials are creatively formed into jewelry, fetish carvings, pottery, weavings, beadwork, and other arts.

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Beautiful works are typically created at a workbench in the bedroom, living room, back room, or even on the outside. The production of arts is a "cottage" home-based industry, and it is the main industry of Zuni involving up to 80% of the community's households.

Home-based work makes it possible for Zunis to remain in the community with their families and be a part of the ongoing traditional cultural activities. The arts nourish the community in a material way as well as maintain Zuni cultural identity and sense of unique style.

Buyer Beware: Zuni (and other Native American arts) have encountered a major challenge in recent years. Imitation "arts" made in several foreign countries are increasingly being sold as Zuni or Native American made.

Purchasing such fake, "assembly line" arts undermine the true craftsmanship and economy of Native American artists. Buying authentic Native American arts, promotes these arts and connects one to deep cultural traditions.

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